1. Targets
2. 5 Balls per target (assorted colours)
3. Access to Target Multi Sport games and rules resources

Children love to move and play, with one caveat, that movement play and games MUST be what THEY consider fun. And that can be used to advantage, especially if we are teaching movements, play and games that do not take elaborate instructions. More time for movement equals more time for fun.

Cross Sport target is:

- 1.8 metres wide and 40cm high
- Lightweight
- Folds up for easy storage
- Easy to assemble and take down
- Can be used on any smooth surface indoors or outdoors
- Bright and colourful
- Large numbers (maths skills)
- Engaging and fun to increase participation for any age or ability level
- Develops fundamental movements skills to use in sports games.
- Caters for any age and ability by increasing or decreasing the distance or by aiming for the middle of the target (easy) or the outside of the target (difficult)
- Can be played as single, pairs, or teams
- Specially designed balls allow the ball to stick to the target.

It can used to develop:

- Rolling skills (Lawn Bowls)
- Striking skills (Putting / Golf)
- Using hand (Hockey skills) (Cricket skills) (Tennis skills)
- Using foot (Soccer skills)
  • Target Multi Sport

5 Pack


10 Pack